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Wii Tennis Cheats

Here are Wii Tennis Cheats that will help you beat your friends.

The Wii Tennis game is actually quite clever.  Sure you can play it in a seated position and hit the ball by just flicking the controller, but what fun is that?  You can get a pretty good workout if you actually swing the controller as if it was a tenn are standing, noving around and swinging the controller as if it was a real tennis racket.  (Be sure it is properly fascened to your wrist!)  And if you know some of these wii tennis tips you can vary your shots, just like in real tennis and keep your opponents on their toes.

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Power Serve
To do a power serve, time a quick swing to coincide with the top of the ball's arc. Some serves will have a trailing streak behind them and are difficult to return. Controller angle is also important for the power serve. If your serving motion mimics an overhead tennis serve, then the controller needs to be angled forward and down, like in a true tennis serve or overhead smash. Finally, there seems to be no way to aim the serve that we have found.

Super Slow Serve
A super slow serve is very difficult for the Wii bots to return.  Toss the ball up and wait until the last second to serve it. This will generate a very slow, high serve, but for some reason, human and bot opponents struggle with the return.

Smashing the Slow Serve (Forehand)
If your Wii tennis opponent dares to loop one over the net to your forhand, swing a bit early with little to no wrist action. If you can do this well-timed with a quick swing, it is a usually unreturnable Agassi-like chop across the forecourt.

Backhand Return
I find the best way to hit back any serve to my backhand is to return the ball with a quick top-spin flick of my wrist, as quick as I can swing and flick, timed a bit early to send it right. This works equally well against slow and fast serves.

Backhand Follow-Up
If they manage to return a smashing slow serve, the ball is almost always hit squarely at your net man, since it's hard for them to get around on the ball. You can usually hit it right down the middle or left to take the point.

How To Make Wii Bots Sweat
If you play long points against the bots, you'll notice that they begin to visibly sweat. When the sweating starts, they also slow down when reacting to your shots, making it easier for you to win points. Effects only last the duration of the game (not the match).

If you swing the controller forward, going from low to high you will get topspin on your ball. Some players suggest rotating your wrist a little forward also. This technique is particularly useful for getting good angles from the backcourt player. When you add topspin, this enables you to aim and achieve sharper angles.

Swing controller forward, from high to low for a backspin shot. If you rotate your wrist a little backwards when making the swing it seems to work even better. Once you get this technique down you can add crazy sidespin, and really fast backspin so that the ball will quickly skip off the surface. This can fool the bots at lower difficulty.

To do lobs, move the remote in an upwards direction, lifting it, without forward movement. This is good for defensive shots when you are recovering from an opponents high angled shots. It gives you more time to move back towards the middle (you'll notice bots using this technique when they get better). You can also use it for netplay to lob over the front court player into the back corner of the court.

Volley Directly at Wii Bots
When you hit directly at a bot in the backcourt, it will often miss-hit. The bot behaves like it can't decide whether to hit a forehand or backhand, and misses completely. This works best when bots are in the backcourt corners.

Super Funky Spin
This appears to be something you can do only if the ball is close to your feet and you hit it moderately late with a backspin (slice your hand down and level out). It's also dependent, it seems, on the type of shot coming your way.

Here's a some general wii tennis hints that produce positive results:

  • Use a sharp angled topspin shot to get the bots to one side of the court, and quickly pounce on their return with your net player so that he hits it to the other side. Basically just keep using the net player until you volley the ball away.
  • Standing at the net flicking the controller back and forth spastically is surprisingly effective.
  • To hit the net on purpose--hold controller straight up, and chop quickly down with wrist movement. Like holding an axe and chopping quickly. In most attempts, the ball will hit the top part of the net and fall down. It doesn't seem to work all the time, however.

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