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Mario Kart Cheats

Here are some Mario Kart Cheats and tips that will have you winning more and amazing your friends.


Mario Kart Wii marks the latest addition to the much loved and effortlessly fun racing series from Nintendo. IHere are some some hints and tips you can use to make your gameplay  with Mario Kart a little more interesting.

Mario Kart Wii is a great game to play, and it's much better in multiplayer mode. In all all of us there is that competitive gremlin lurking in the dark corners of our minds. You know what I mean, we don't like to loose do we, so will try any tactic or maneuver to be the best and beat friends and family, so here are some tips and cheats to give you the edge when playing.

Mario Kart Wii cheats are littered throughout the game, so take the time to look out for them it will work to your advantage, but just to get you started , I'll start you off with a few of the most important ones . Enjoy!

The Rocket Start

Your racing success will start early--just off the starting line if yo know this trick.  Keep your eye on the countdown. The "2" appears as if it comes from behind your screen. When that animation stops and the "2" is in the middle of the screen, press the accelerator. If timed correctly, your kart or bike will receive a big boost at the start and will accelerate to top speed quickly.

Tip: Getting knocked off the course is never a good time. It's a frustrating wait as you're lifted back into the race. As soon as you're dropped onto the course hit the accelerator. If timed correctly (slam it as soon as you land), your kart or bike receives a speed boost similar to the rocket start. This will cut down wait time and helps get you back in the race as fast as possible.

If you hit the accelerator before the countdown finishes and miss the rocket start, your kart or bike will suffer a burnout and will start much slower than your competitors. Keep practicing and it will pay off for you,  you should be able to perform the rocket start on every single race. You can also use the countdown "beep" as timing; slam the accelerator after the "2" beeps and perform the rocket start. Now go and practice until you have it down.

How to get Everyone Playing the Same Character

If you and your friends want to play as the same character in splitscreen multiplayer,check this out.

First, one person should select and then deselect the character everyone wants to play as. The next player should select and then deselect the same character. Repeat as required for as many players as you have playing. Then, go back one screen, reselect the character selection screen, and all players should have their icons on the same pre-selected character.

Here's How to Dodge Red and Green Shells While Racing

To dodge red shells, put a banana behind you, by either dropping it there or holding it there. When the red shell collides with the banana, its effects will be useless, allowing you to proceed with the race unhindered.

To dodge green shells, use the same technique as above for the red shell, if the shell is heading straight for you or is bounced off a wall. In other situations, use the three-shell weapon. Red or blue shells will protect you from the green shells in these situations.

Dodge Those Blue Shells

Here's a great technique you can use when trying to dodge blue shells targeted at you when you're in first place, the trick is to use any type of mushroom. Specifically, use the mushroom when the blue shell begins to rise over you to avoid its blast. You've got to time this well.

How to Unlock Some Cool Characters

To unlock the characters listed below, complete the following requirements as listed. 

  • Baby Daisy - Earn at least a one star ranking in each 50cc Wii Grand Prix cup races
  • Baby Luigi - Unlock eight Expert Staff ghost data in Time Trial mode
  • Birdo - Defeat 250 people in online racing, or play Time Trial mode on sixteen different courses
  • Bowser Jr. - Earn at least a one star ranking in each 100cc Retro Grand Prix cup races
  • Daisy - Win the 150cc Special Cup
  • Diddy Kong - Win the 50cc Lightning Cup
  • Dry Bones - Win the 100cc Leaf Cup
  • Dry Bowser - Earn at least a one star ranking in each 150cc Wii Grand Prix cups
  • Funky Kong - Unlock four Expert Staff ghost data in Time Trial mode
  • King Boo - Win the 50cc Star Cup
  • Mii (Outfit A) - To play as the Mii associated with your profile, win the 100cc Special Cup
  • Mii (Outfit B) - To play as the Mii associated with your profile in a different outfit, play through and complete all thirty-two time trials
  • Rosalina - Have a Super Mario Galaxy save on your Wii
  • Toadette - Play Time Trial Mode on all thirty-two courses.

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Robert Lawrence has written articles and game reviews on Nintendo wii games, you can get even more information on Mario Kart Wii Cheats as well as reviews of the games available for the Nintendo Wii.

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